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[man-uh s, muhn-] /ˈmæn əs, ˈmʌn-/

noun, Hinduism, Buddhism.
the rational faculty of the mind.
[mah-nah] /ˈmɑ nɑ/
noun, Anthropology.
a generalized, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons.
[man-ey] /ˈmæn eɪ/
[man-ey] /ˈmæn eɪ/
an ancient kingdom in Iran, in Kurdistan.
noun (anthropol)
(in Polynesia, Melanesia, etc) a concept of a life force, believed to be seated in the head, and associated with high social status and ritual power
any power achieved by ritual means; prestige; authority

“power, authority, supernatural power,” 1843, from Maori, “power, authority, supernatural power.”


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