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[man-ches-ter, -chuh-ster] /ˈmænˌtʃɛs tər, -tʃə stər/

a city in NW England: connected with the Mersey estuary by a ship canal (35½ mi. [57 km] long).
a city in S New Hampshire.
a town in central Connecticut.
noun (Austral & NZ)
household linen or cotton goods, such as sheets and towels
Also called manchester department. a section of a store where such goods are sold
a city in NW England, in Manchester unitary authority, Greater Manchester: linked to the Mersey estuary by the Manchester Ship Canal: commercial, industrial, and cultural centre; formerly the centre of the cotton and textile trades; two universities. Pop: 394 269 (2001) Latin name Man’cunium
a unitary authority in NW England, in Greater Manchester. Pop: 432 500 (2003 est). Area: 116 sq km (45 sq miles)

Mameceastre (1086), from Mamucio (4c.), the original Celtic name, perhaps from *mamm “breast, breast-like hill” + Old English ceaster “Roman town” (see Chester). Adjective Mancunian is from the Medieval Latin form of the place-name, Mancunium.

City in northwestern England about thirty miles east of Liverpool.

Note: Manchester is one of England’s most important economic, industrial, trade, and finance centers, and the heart of the most densely populated area of England.


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