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[man-der-uh-neyt] /ˈmæn dər əˌneɪt/

the status or position of a .
a group of or collectively.
rule or government by .


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  • Mandarin-collar

    noun 1. a narrow, stand-up collar, not quite meeting at the front. noun 1. a high stiff round collar

  • Mandarin chinese

    noun 1. the official language of China since 1917; the form of Chinese spoken by about two thirds of the population and taught in schools throughout China See also Chinese, Pekingese

  • Mandarin-duck

    noun 1. a crested Asian duck, Aix galericulata, having variegated purple, green, chestnut, and white plumage. noun 1. an Asian duck, Aix galericulata, the male of which has a brightly coloured and patterned plumage and crest

  • Mandarin-orange

    noun 1. (def 4).

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