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[man-dib-yuh-ler] /mænˈdɪb yə lər/

pertaining to or of the nature of a .

1650s, from Latin mandibula (see mandible) + -ar.


Read Also:

  • Mandibular cartilage

    mandibular cartilage n. A cartilaginous bar in the embryonic mandibular arch whose proximal end becomes ossified to form the malleus. Also called Meckel’s cartilage.

  • Mandibular dentition

    mandibular dentition n. See dental arch.

  • Mandibular disease

    noun 1. (vet science) another name for shovel beak

  • Mandibular fossa

    mandibular fossa n. A deep hollow in the squamous portion of the temporal bone at the base of the zygomatic process in which the condyle of the mandible rests. Also called glenoid fossa.

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