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a city in SW California, SW of Los Angeles.


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  • Manhattan-clam-chowder

    noun 1. a chowder made from clams, tomatoes, and other vegetables and seasoned with thyme.

  • Manhattan district

    noun 1. (during World War II) the code name for a unit of US army engineers established in 1942 to construct secret sites for the development of the atomic bomb Also called Manhattan Project

  • Manhattan eel

    noun phrase A condom; coney island whitefish [1980s+; fr the fact that so many of these are seen floating among the offal in New York Harbor]

  • Manhattanite

    [man-hat-n-ahyt, muh n-] /mænˈhæt nˌaɪt, mən-/ noun 1. a native or inhabitant of the borough of .

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