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[man-uh-fes-tuh nt] /ˌmæn əˈfɛs tənt/

a person who initiates or participates in a public demonstration; demonstrator.


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  • Manifestation

    [man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n, -fe-] /ˌmæn ə fəˈsteɪ ʃən, -fɛ-/ noun 1. an act of . 2. the state of being . 3. outward or perceptible indication; materialization: At first there was no manifestation of the disease. 4. a public demonstration, as for political effect. 5. Spiritualism. a materialization. /ˌmænɪfɛˈsteɪʃən/ noun 1. the act of demonstrating; display: […]

  • Manifestative

    [man-uh-fes-tuh-tiv] /ˌmæn əˈfɛs tə tɪv/ adjective 1. manifesting; showing clearly or conclusively.

  • Manifest content

    manifest content man·i·fest content (mān’ə-fěst’) n. The content of a dream, fantasy, or thought as it is remembered and reported in psychoanalysis.

  • Manifest-destiny

    noun 1. the belief or doctrine, held chiefly in the middle and latter part of the 19th century, that it was the destiny of the U.S. to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influences. noun 1. (esp in the 19th-century US) the […]

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