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[man-ish] /ˈmæn ɪʃ/

being typical or suggestive of a man rather than a woman:
mannish clothing styles for women; a mannish voice.
resembling a man, as in size or manner:
a mannish youth.
(of a woman) having or displaying qualities regarded as typical of a man
of or resembling a man

Old English mennisc “human, human-like, natural,” from Proto-Germanic *manniska- (cf. Old Saxon mannisc, Old High German mennisc, Gothic mannisks), from *manna- (see man (n.)). In some cases a new formation from man (n.) + -ish.

Sense of “masculine” is from late 14c.; in reference to women seen as masculine, from late 14c. Of adult males (opposed to childish) from 1520s. Related: Mannishly; mannishness. The proto-Germanic adjective became, in some languages, a noun meaning “human” (cf. German Mensch), and in Old English mannish also was used as a noun “mankind, folk, race, people.”


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