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[manz-feeld] /ˈmænzˌfild/

Katherine (Kathleen Beauchamp Murry) 1888–1923, English short-story writer.
Michael Joseph (“Mike”) 1903–2001, U.S. politician: senator 1953–77.
Richard, 1857–1907, U.S. actor, born in Germany.
Mount, a mountain in N Vermont: highest peak of the Green Mountains, 4393 feet (1339 meters).
a city in W Nottinghamshire, in central England.
a city in N Ohio.
a town in N Connecticut.
a town in SE Massachusetts.
a town in central England, in W Nottinghamshire: former coal-mining and cotton-textiles industries. Pop: 69 987 (2001)
Katherine, real name Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp. 1888–1923, British writer, born in New Zealand, noted for her short stories, such as those in Bliss (1920) and The Garden Party (1922)


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