[man-tid] /ˈmæn tɪd/


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  • Mantilla

    [man-til-uh, -tee-uh] /mænˈtɪl ə, -ˈti ə/ noun 1. a silk or lace head scarf arranged over a high comb and falling over the back and shoulders, worn in Spain, Mexico, etc. 2. a short mantle or light cape. /mænˈtɪlə/ noun 1. a woman’s lace or silk scarf covering the shoulders and head, often worn over […]

  • Mantinea

    [man-tuh-nee-uh] /ˌmæn təˈni ə/ noun 1. an ancient city in S Greece, in Arcadia: battles 362 b.c., 223 b.c. /ˌmæntɪˈneɪə/ noun 1. (in ancient Greece) a city in E Arcadia; site of several battles

  • Mantis

    [man-tis] /ˈmæn tɪs/ noun, plural mantises, mantes [man-teez] /ˈmæn tiz/ (Show IPA) 1. any of several predaceous insects of the order Mantidae, having a long prothorax and typically holding the forelegs in an upraised position as if in prayer. /ˈmæntɪs/ noun (pl) -tises, -tes (-tiːz) 1. any carnivorous typically green insect of the family Mantidae, […]

  • Mantispid

    [man-tis-pid] /mænˈtɪs pɪd/ noun 1. any neuropterous, mantislike insect of the family Mantispidae, the larvae of which are parasites in the nests of spiders or wasps.

  • Mantissa

    [man-tis-uh] /mænˈtɪs ə/ noun 1. Mathematics. the decimal part of a common logarithm. Compare (def 3a). 2. Obsolete. an addition of little or no importance, as to a literary work. /mænˈtɪsə/ noun 1. the fractional part of a common logarithm representing the digits of the associated number but not its magnitude: the mantissa of 2.4771 […]

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