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[mant-lit] /ˈmænt lɪt/

noun, Military.
(def 2).


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  • Mantletree

    [man-tl-tree] /ˈmæn tlˌtri/ noun 1. . [man-tl-tree] /ˈmæn tlˌtri/ noun 1. a wooden or stone lintel over the opening of a fireplace. 2. a masonry arch used in place of such a lintel. /ˈmæntəlˌtriː/ noun 1. a beam made of stone or wood that forms the lintel over a fireplace

  • Mantling

    [mant-ling] /ˈmænt lɪŋ/ noun, Heraldry. 1. a decorative piece of cloth represented as hanging from a torse so as to cover the sides and rear of a helmet and often so as to frame the escutcheon below. [man-tl] /ˈmæn tl/ noun 1. a loose, sleeveless cloak or cape. 2. something that covers, envelops, or conceals: […]

  • Man-to-man

    [man-tuh-man] /ˈmæn təˈmæn/ adjective 1. characterized by directness, openness, etc.; frank and personal: He had a man-to-man talk with his son about sex. adjective 1. characterized by directness or candour: a man-to-man discussion

  • Man-to-man defense

    noun, Sports. 1. a method of defense in team sports, especially in basketball and football, in which each member of the defensive team is designated to guard a particular member of the offensive team.

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