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Manual testing

That part of software testing that requires human input, analysis, or evaluation.


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  • Manual-training

    noun 1. training in the various manual arts and crafts, as woodworking.

  • Manual-transmission

    noun 1. an automotive transmission in which the driver shifts gears manually. noun a motor-vehicle transmission system of interlocking gear wheels connected to a hand-operated gearshift and a foot-operated clutch

  • Manual ventilation

    manual ventilation man·u·al ventilation (mān’yōō-əl) n. A method of assisted or controlled ventilation in which the hands are used to generate airway pressures.

  • Manubial-column

    [muh-noo-bee-uh l, -nyoo-] /məˈnu bi əl, -ˈnyu-/ noun 1. a triumphal column decorated with spoils of the enemy. 2. any triumphal or memorial column.

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