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[muh-nyoo-ee] /məˈnyu i/

noun, Douay Bible.


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  • Manuduction

    [man-yuh-duhk-shuh n] /ˌmæn yəˈdʌk ʃən/ noun 1. the act of directing or guiding. 2. a means of direction, introduction, or guidance.

  • Manuel

    [man-yoo-uh l] /ˈmæn yu əl/ noun 1. a male given name. masc. proper name, short for Emmanuel.

  • Manuel avila camacho

    [ah-vee-lah kah-mah-chaw] /ˈɑ viˌlɑ kɑˈmɑ tʃɔ/ noun 1. Manuel [mah-nwel] /mɑˈnwɛl/ (Show IPA), 1897–1955, president of Mexico 1940–46. [kah-mah-chaw] /kɑˈmɑ tʃɔ/ noun 1. Manuel Ávila [mah-nwel ah-vee-lah] /mɑˈnwɛl ˈɑ viˌlɑ/ (Show IPA). Manuel .

  • Manuel estrada cabrera

    [Spanish kah-vre-rah] /Spanish kɑˈvrɛ rɑ/ noun 1. Manuel Estrada [Spanish mahn-wel es-trah-th ah] /Spanish mɑnˈwɛl ɛsˈtrɑ ðɑ/ (Show IPA), . [es-trah-th ah kah-vre-rah] /ɛsˈtrɑ ðɑ kɑˈvrɛ rɑ/ noun 1. Manuel [mah-nwel] /mɑˈnwɛl/ (Show IPA), 1857–1924, Guatemalan politician: president 1898–1920.

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