[mey-nuh s] /ˈmeɪ nəs/

noun, plural manus.
Anatomy, Zoology. the distal segment of the forelimb of a vertebrate, including the carpus and the forefoot or hand.
Roman Law. power over persons, as that of the husband over the wife.
[mah-noos] /ˈmɑ nus/
noun, plural Manus.
a member of a people living on the island of Manus, in the Admiralty Islands.
[man-oo] /ˈmæn u/
noun, Hindu Mythology.
the progenitor and lawgiver of the human race.
noun (pl) -nus
(anatomy) the wrist and hand
the corresponding part in other vertebrates
(Roman law) the authority of a husband over his wife
(English law) (formerly) an oath or the person taking an oath

manus ma·nus (mā’nəs, mān’əs)
n. pl. manus

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