[awl-duh s,, al-] /ˈɔl dəs,, ˈæl-/ (Show IPA), (Teobaldo Mannucci or Manuzio) 1450–1515, Italian printer and classical scholar.
Historical Examples

Manutius, as the passage above quoted has shown, is not reckoned by Ruhnkenius quite equal to Muretus, at least in natural genius.
Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, Vol. 1 Henry Hallam

Manutius applied aesthetic and functional criteria that led to the smaller-sized books we are familiar with.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

The burden became too heavy for Manutius to think henceforth of publishing by himself.
The Printed Book Henri Bouchot

The type was called italic because it was dedicated to the states of Italy by the inventor, Manutius, about the year 1500.
Business English Rose Buhlig

Manutius has given a good account of the principal laws made at Rome during the republic; not many of the empire.
Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, Vol. 1 Henry Hallam

See Aldus Manutius

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