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[muh-poo-toh] /məˈpu toʊ/

a seaport in and the capital of Mozambique, on Delagoa Bay.
[moh-zam-beek, -zuh m-] /ˌmoʊ zæmˈbik, -zəm-/
Formerly Portuguese East Africa. a republic in SE Africa: formerly an overseas province of Portugal; gained independence in 1975. 297,731 sq. mi. (771,123 sq. km).
Capital: Maputo.
a seaport on an island just off the NE coast of this republic.
the capital and chief port of Mozambique, in the south on Delagoa Bay: became capital in 1907; the nearest port to the Rand gold-mining and industrial region of South Africa. Pop: 1 316 000 (2005 est) Former name (until 1975) Lourenço Marques
a republic in SE Africa: colonized by the Portuguese from 1505 onwards and a slave-trade centre until 1878; made an overseas province of Portugal in 1951; became an independent republic in 1975; became a member of the Commonwealth in 1995. Official language: Portuguese. Religion: animist majority. Currency: metical. Capital: Maputo. Pop: 24 096 669 (2013 est). Area: 812 379 sq km (313 661 sq miles) Portuguese name Moçambique Also called (until 1975) Portuguese East Africa
Mozambique [(moh-zuhm-beek)]

Republic in southeastern Africa on the Indian Ocean, bordered by South Africa to the south, Swaziland to the southwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania to the north. It was a possession of Portugal from 1505 until 1975. Its capital and largest city is Maputo.


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