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a cake given a streaked, marblelike appearance by the incomplete mixing of dark, especially chocolate, and light batters.
a cake with a marbled appearance obtained by incompletely mixing dark and light mixtures


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  • Marble-dome

    noun A stupid person; blockhead (1940s+)

  • Marbled white

    noun 1. any butterfly of the satyrid genus Melanargia, with panelled black-and-white wings, but technically a brown butterfly; found in grassland

  • Marblehead

    [mahr-buh l-head, mahr-buh l-hed] /ˈmɑr bəlˌhɛæd, ˌmɑr bəlˈhɛd/ noun 1. a resort in NE Massachusetts: yachting.

  • Marble-orchard

    noun, Northern, North Midland, and Western U.S. Facetious. 1. . noun phrase A cemetery: You’ll get your names in this marble orchard soon enough (1929+)

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