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Marc Antony

[mahrk] /mɑrk/



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  • Marcasite

    [mahr-kuh-sahyt] /ˈmɑr kəˌsaɪt/ noun 1. Also called white iron pyrites. a common mineral, iron disulfide, FeS 2 , chemically similar to pyrite but crystallizing in the orthorhombic system. 2. any of the crystallized forms of iron pyrites, much used in the 18th century for ornaments. 3. a specimen or ornament of this substance. /ˈmɑːkəˌsaɪt/ noun […]

  • Marcato

    [mahr-kah-toh; Italian mahr-kah-taw] /mɑrˈkɑ toʊ; Italian mɑrˈkɑ tɔ/ adjective 1. (of notes or chords in a musical score) strongly accented. /mɑːˈkɑːtəʊ/ adjective 1. (of notes) heavily accented adverb 2. with each note heavily accented

  • Marceau

    [mahr-soh; French mar-soh] /mɑrˈsoʊ; French marˈsoʊ/ noun 1. Marcel [mahr-sel;; French mar-sel] /mɑrˈsɛl;; French marˈsɛl/ (Show IPA), 1923–2007, French actor and mime. /French marso/ noun 1. Marcel (marsɛl). 1923–2007, French mime artist

  • Maon

    habitation, a town in the tribe of Judah, about 7 miles south of Hebron, which gave its name to the wilderness, the district round the conical hill on which the town stood. Here David hid from Saul, and here Nabal had his possessions and his home (1 Sam. 23:24, 25; 25:2). “Only some small foundations […]

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