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[mahr-koh-nee; Italian mahr-kaw-nee] /mɑrˈkoʊ ni; Italian mɑrˈkɔ ni/

[goo-lyel-maw] /guˈlyɛl mɔ/ (Show IPA), Marchese, 1874–1937, Italian electrical engineer and inventor, especially in the field of wireless telegraphy: Nobel Prize in physics 1909.
Guglielmo (ɡuʎˈʎɛlmo). 1874–1937, Italian physicist, who developed radiotelegraphy and succeeded in transmitting signals across the Atlantic (1901): Nobel prize for physics 1909
Italian physicist and inventor who was the first to use radio waves to transmit signals in Morse code across the Atlantic Ocean (1901). Soon after his experiment, he developed shortwave radio equipment and helped establish radio as a widely used medium for communications.


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