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Marcus tullius cicero

[sis-uh-roh] /ˈsɪs əˌroʊ/

Marcus Tullius
[tuhl-ee-uh s] /ˈtʌl i əs/ (Show IPA), (“Tully”) 106–43 b.c, Roman statesman, orator, and writer.
a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago.
noun (pl) -ros
a measure for type that is somewhat larger than the pica
Marcus Tullius (ˈmɑːkəs ˈtʌlɪəs). 106–43 bc, Roman consul, orator, and writer. He foiled Catiline’s conspiracy (63) and was killed by Mark Antony’s agents after he denounced Antony in the Philippics. His writings are regarded as a model of Latin prose Formerly known in English as Tully

An orator, writer, and statesman of ancient Rome. His many speeches to the Roman Senate are famous for their rhetorical techniques and their ornate style.


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