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/Spanish maˈrero/
a member of a mara in the US or Central America


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  • Mare-serenitatis

    [suh-ren-i-tah-tis] /səˌrɛn ɪˈtɑ tɪs/ noun 1. (Sea of Serenity) a dark plain in the first quadrant of the face of the moon: about 120,000 sq. mi. (310,000 sq. km).

  • Mareshah

    possession, a city in the plain of Judah (John. 15:44). Here Asa defeated Zerah the Ethiopian (2 Chr. 14:9, 10). It is identified with the ruin el-Mer’ash, about 1 1/2 mile south of Beit Jibrin.

  • Mare-sirenum

    [si-ree-nuh m] /sɪˈri nəm/ noun 1. (Sea of Sirens) an area in the southern hemisphere of Mars, appearing as a dark region when viewed telescopically from the earth.

  • Mares-of-diomedes

    [mairz] /mɛərz/ plural noun, Classical Mythology. 1. wild mares owned by Diomedes, a Thracian king, who fed them on human flesh: captured by Hercules in fulfillment of one of his labors.

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