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[mahr-guh-rit, -grit] /ˈmɑr gə rɪt, -grɪt/

a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “pearl.”.
called the Maid of Norway. ?1282–90, queen of Scotland (1286–90); daughter of Eric II of Norway. Her death while sailing to England to marry the future Edward II led Edward I to declare dominion over Scotland
1353–1412, queen of Sweden (1388–1412) and regent of Norway and Denmark (1380–1412), who united the three countries under her rule
Princess. 1930–2002, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

fem. proper name (c.1300), from Old French Margaret (French Marguerite), from Late Latin Margarita, female name, literally “pearl,” from Greek margarites (lithos) “pearl,” of unknown origin, “probably adopted from some Oriental language” [OED]; cf. Sanskrit manjari “cluster of flowers,” also said by Indian linguists to mean “pearl,” cognate with manju “beautiful.” Arabic marjan probably is from Greek, via Syraic marganitha. The word was widely perverted in Germanic languages by folk-etymology, cf. Old English meregrot, which has been altered to mean literally “sea-pebble.”


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