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Marginal rate


in progressive tax, the increasing tax rate paid on income as it rises; tax rates levied on different levels of income


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  • Marginal-sea

    noun 1. water that lies alongside a state, falls under its authority, and extends about 3½ statute miles (6 kilometers) from the coast.

  • Marginal sinus of placenta

    marginal sinus of placenta n. Any of the discontinuous venous lakes at the margin of the placenta.

  • Marginal tax rate

    The rate at which income over a certain amount is taxed. Although in general, graduated income taxes impose higher tax rates on higher incomes, the tax rate does not rise for each additional dollar earned. Rather, it rises by income brackets, and each tax rate applies only to income that falls in that bracket. For […]

  • Marginal-utility

    noun, Economics. 1. the extra utility or satisfaction derived by a consumer from the consumption of the last unit of a commodity.

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