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[mahr-ee-ah-chee; Spanish mah-ryah-chee] /ˌmɑr iˈɑ tʃi; Spanish mɑˈryɑ tʃi/

pertaining to traditional Mexican dance music, usually played by a small band of strolling musicians dressed in native costumes.
noun, plural mariachis
[mahr-ee-ah-cheez; Spanish mah-ryah-chees] /ˌmɑr iˈɑ tʃiz; Spanish mɑˈryɑ tʃis/ (Show IPA)
a member of such a band.
the music played by such a band.
a small ensemble of street musicians in Mexico

“Mexican strolling musical band,” 1941, from Mexican Spanish, from French mariage “marriage” (see marriage), so called because such bands performed at wedding celebrations. As an adjective by 1967.


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