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Auguste Édouard
[oh-gyst ey-dwar] /oʊˈgüst eɪˈdwar/ (Show IPA), 1821–81, French Egyptologist.
Historical Examples

Such, however, was not the opinion of Mariette, who discusses the question more than once.
A History of Art in Ancient Egypt, Vol. II (of 2) Georges Perrot

Mariette had run for Flore, who came in great consternation.
Johnny Ludlow, Fifth Series Mrs. Henry Wood

Between marvel and marvel she read Herodotus and Mariette Bey assiduously.
Julia Ward Howe Laura E. Richards

In spite of this latter fact, Mariette did not convert me to his opinion.
A History of Art in Ancient Egypt, Vol. II (of 2) Georges Perrot

I believe Marthe and Mariette the cook heard my husband make the remark.
My Memoirs Marguerite Steinheil

Mariette, my housekeeper, who is curiosity incarnate, is standing there listening.
Monsieur Lecoq, v.1 Emile Gaboriau

Mariette, Itinéraire de la Haute-Égypte, third edition, p. 142.
A History of Art in Ancient Egypt, Vol. II (of 2) Georges Perrot

Our dear and lamented Mariette had promised us his most earnest help.
A history of art in ancient Egypt, Vol. I (of 2) Georges Perrot

Mariette said to herself, and when she went down-stairs she told the head housemaid about it.
A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett

They were identified by Mariette upon some of the bas-reliefs at Sakkarah.
A history of art in ancient Egypt, Vol. I (of 2) Georges Perrot


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