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[mar-i-gohld] /ˈmær ɪˌgoʊld/

any of several chiefly golden-flowered composite plants, especially of the genus Tagetes, as T. erecta, having strong-scented foliage and yielding an oil that repels root parasites.
any of several unrelated plants, especially of the genus Calendula, as C. officinalis, the pot marigold.
any of various tropical American plants of the genus Tagetes, esp T. erecta (African marigold) and T. patula (French marigold), cultivated for their yellow or orange flower heads and strongly scented foliage: family Asteraceae (composites)
any of various similar or related plants, such as the marsh marigold, pot marigold, bur marigold, and fig marigold

late 14c., marygolde, from Mary (probably a reference to the Virgin) + gold, for color. The Old English name for the flower was simply golde.


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