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an officer who operates, maintains, and repairs the machinery of a ship.
an engineer responsible for all heavy machinery on a ship or an offshore structure


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  • Marine-corps

    noun 1. a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces trained for land, sea, and air combat, typically for land combat in conjunction with an amphibious or airborne landing, and whose commandant is responsible to the secretary of the navy.

  • Marine-engineering

    noun 1. the branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the design, construction, installation, operation, and repair of the machinery of vessels.

  • Margarite

    [mahr-guh-rahyt] /ˈmɑr gəˌraɪt/ noun 1. Mineralogy. 2. Obsolete. a pearl. /ˈmɑːɡəˌraɪt/ noun 1. a pink pearly micaceous mineral consisting of hydrated calcium aluminium silicate. Formula: CaAl4Si2O10(OH)2 2. an aggregate of minute beadlike masses occurring in some glassy igneous rocks n. “a pearl,” late Old English, from Late Latin margarita (see Margaret). Figuratively, “that which is […]

  • Marine-geology

    noun 1. the branch of geology dealing with the rocks, sediments, and processes of the floors and margins of the oceans.

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