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[mahrkt] /mɑrkt/

strikingly noticeable; conspicuous:
with marked success.
watched as an object of suspicion or vengeance:
a marked man.
having a mark or marks:
beautifully marked birds; to read the marked pages.

obvious, evident, or noticeable
singled out, esp for punishment, killing, etc: a marked man
(linguistics) distinguished by a specific feature, as in phonology. For example, of the two phonemes /t/ and /d/, the /d/ is marked because it exhibits the feature of voice

“having a mark,” Old English gemearcodan (see mark (v.)). Meaning “clearly defined” (pronounced as two syllables) is from 1795. Related: Markedly. Marked man “one who is watched with hostile intent” is from 1769.


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