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[mahr-plot] /ˈmɑrˌplɒt/

a person who or defeats a , design, or project by meddling.


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  • Marprelate

    /ˈmɑːprɛlɪt/ noun 1. Martin, the pen name of the anonymous author or authors of a series of satirical Puritan tracts (1588–89), attacking the bishops of the Church of England

  • Marq.

    1. . 2. . abbreviation 1. Marquis

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    [mahr-kwond] /mɑrˈkwɒnd/ noun 1. J(ohn) P(hillips) 1893–1960, U.S. novelist and short-story writer. /mɑːˈkwɒnd/ noun 1. J(ohn) P(hillips). 1893–1960, US novelist, noted for his stories featuring the Japanese detective Mr Moto and for his satirical comedies of New England life, such as The Late George Apley (1937)

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    [mahrk] /mɑrk/ noun 1. . 2. Obsolete. seizure by way of reprisal or retaliation. [mahrk] /mɑrk/ noun 1. a product model or type, as of a luxury or racing car. [luh-mahrk] /ləˈmɑrk/ noun 1. a city in SE coastal Texas. /mɑːk/ noun 1. a brand of product, esp of a car 2. an emblem or […]

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