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[mahr-kwis, mahr-kee; French mar-kee] /ˈmɑr kwɪs, mɑrˈki; French marˈki/

noun, plural marquises [mahr-kwi-siz] /ˈmɑr kwɪ sɪz/ (Show IPA), marquis
[mahr-keez; French mar-kee] /mɑrˈkiz; French marˈki/ (Show IPA)
a nobleman ranking next below a duke and above an earl or count.
[mahr-keez; French mar-keez] /mɑrˈkiz; French marˈkiz/
noun, plural marquises
[mahr-kee-ziz; French mar-keez] /mɑrˈki zɪz; French marˈkiz/ (Show IPA)
the wife or widow of a marquis.
a lady holding the rank equal to that of a marquis.

(often used with a plural verb) British. (def 3).
Also called marquise chair. French Furniture. a wide bergère.
/ˈmɑːkwɪs; mɑːˈkiː; French marki/
noun (pl) -quises, -quis
(in various countries) a nobleman ranking above a count, corresponding to a British marquess. The title of marquis is often used in place of that of marquess
Don(ald Robert Perry). 1878–1937, US humorist; author of archy and mehitabel (1927)
/mɑːˈkiːz; French markiz/
(in various countries) another word for marchioness

another name for marquee (sense 2)

also marquess, c.1300, title of nobility, from Old French marchis, literally “ruler of a border area,” from Old French marche “frontier,” from Medieval Latin marca “frontier, frontier territory” (see march (n.1)). Originally the ruler of border territories in various European regions (e.g. Italian marchese, Spanish marqués); later a mere title of rank, below duke and above count. Related: Marquisate.


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