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an Old World mallow, Althaea officinalis, having pink flowers, found in marshy places.
the rose mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos.
a malvaceous plant, Althaea officinalis, that grows in salt marshes and has pale pink flowers. The roots yield a mucilage formerly used to make marshmallows
(US & Canadian) another name for rose mallow (sense 1)


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  • Marsh-marigold

    noun 1. a yellow-flowered plant, Caltha palustris, of the buttercup family, growing in marshes and meadows; cowslip. noun 1. a yellow-flowered ranunculaceous plant, Caltha palustris, that grows in swampy places Also called kingcup, May blobs, (US) cowslip

  • Marsh-pink

    noun 1. any of several eastern North American plants belonging to the genus Sabatia, of the gentian family, having rose-pink flowers.

  • Marsh-tacky

    noun, South Atlantic States (chiefly South Carolina and Georgia) . 1. a small, sometimes half-wild horse of the coastal marshes. 2. Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a poor white living in the marshes.

  • Marsh tit

    noun 1. a small European songbird, Parus palustris, with a black head and greyish-brown body: family Paridae (tits)

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