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[mahr-suh-lid] /ˈmɑr sə lɪd/

Pharmacology, Trademark.
a brand of .


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  • Marsilius of Padua

    [mahr-sil-ee-uh s] /mɑrˈsɪl i əs/ noun 1. c1280–1343? Italian scholar and political theorist. /mɑːˈsɪlɪəs/ noun 1. Italian name Marsiglio dei Mainardini. ?1290–?1343, Italian political philosopher, best known as the author of the Defensor pacis (1324), which upheld the power of the temporal ruler over that of the church

  • Marsipobranch

    /ˈmɑːsɪpəʊˌbræŋk/ noun, adjective 1. another word for cyclostome

  • Mars light

    noun a type of auxiliary headlight whose beam revolves in a figure eight, used on police cars and other emergency vehicles; a rotating beacon Word Origin 1935; Mars Signal Light Company

  • Mars-red

    noun 1. a deep red-orange color. 2. a red pigment used in painting, artificially made from an iron oxide base and characterized by strong film-forming properties and permanence.

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