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[mahr-soo-pee-uh l] /mɑrˈsu pi əl/

any viviparous, nonplacental mammal of the order Marsupialia, comprising the opossums, kangaroos, wombats, and bandicoots, the females of most species having a marsupium containing the mammary glands and serving as a receptacle for the young.
pertaining to, resembling, or having a marsupium.
of or relating to the marsupials.
/mɑːˈsjuːpɪəl; -ˈsuː-/
any mammal of the order Marsupialia, in which the young are born in an immature state and continue development in the marsupium. The order occurs mainly in Australia and South and Central America and includes the opossums, bandicoots, koala, wombats, and kangaroos
of, relating to, or belonging to the Marsupialia
of or relating to a marsupium

1690s, with -al (1) + Modern Latin marsupialis “having a pouch,” coined from Late Latin marsupium “pouch, purse” (Classical Latin marsuppium), from Greek marsipion, diminutive of marsipos “bag, pouch,” of foreign, possibly oriental, origin. As a noun from 1805.
Any of various mammals of the order Marsupialia, whose young are very undeveloped when born and continue developing outside their mother’s body attached to one of her nipples. Most marsupials have longer hindlegs than forelimbs, and the females usually have pouches in which they carry their young. Kangaroos, opossums, and koalas are marsupials.


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    marsupialization mar·su·pi·al·i·za·tion (mär-sōō’pē-ə-lĭ-zā’shən) n. Surgical alteration of a cyst or similar enclosed cavity by making an incision and suturing the flaps to the adjacent tissue, creating a pouch.

  • Marsupial-mole

    noun 1. a burrowing Australian marsupial of the genus Notoryctes, resembling a common mole in form and behavior. noun 1. any molelike marsupial of the family Notoryctidae

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    noun 1. any of various mouse-sized to rat-sized marsupials of the family Dasyuridae, occurring in Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania: some species are rare or endangered. 2. the mouselike crested-tailed Dasycercus cristicauda of Australian deserts. noun 1. any mouselike insectivorous marsupial of the subfamily Phascogalinae: family Dasyuridae

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    [mahr-soo-pee-uh m] /mɑrˈsu pi əm/ noun, plural marsupia [mahr-soo-pee-uh] /mɑrˈsu pi ə/ (Show IPA) 1. the pouch or fold of skin on the abdomen of a female marsupial. /mɑːˈsjuːpɪəm; -ˈsuː-/ noun (pl) -pia (-pɪə) 1. an external pouch in most female marsupials within which the newly born offspring are suckled and complete their development

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