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Andrew, 1621–78, English poet and satirist.
Contemporary Examples

A chapter on the metaphysical poets is four-fifths Donne to one-fifth Herbert, with Marvell failing to get a look-in.
John Sutherland‘s Enjoyable Little History of Literature Malcolm Forbes November 28, 2013

Historical Examples

Marvell flung about three or four times with his hat, and then gave Harcourt a box on the ear.
Andrew Marvell Augustine Birrell

Is the hypothesis of poison coeval with the date of Marvell’s demise?
Notes and Queries, Number 185, May 14, 1853 Various

Marvell has nothing of the magnificence of Dryden, or of the finished malice of Pope.
Andrew Marvell Augustine Birrell

But though we cannot concede these hymns to Marvell, he must not be underrated.
Notes and Queries, Number 135, May 29, 1852 Various

In this group of early poems, which are worth all the rest of Marvell’s work put together, several strains predominate.
Essays Arthur Christopher Benson

Mr. Marvell tried to look pleased, but signally failed in the attempt.
The Burglars’ Club Henry A. Hering

Marvell and Butler were rival wits, but Holland was a common butt; so powerful a motive is trade jealousy.
Andrew Marvell Augustine Birrell

“Mr. Marvell will see you to your boat, Sir Rubert,” he said.
The Burglars’ Club Henry A. Hering

The general differences between them are vast: but in imaginative intensity Marvell and Shelley are closely related.
The Golden Treasury Various

Andrew. 1621–78, English poet and satirist. He is noted for his lyrical poems and verse and prose satires attacking the government after the Restoration


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