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Mary eddy

[ed-ee] /ˈɛd i/

Mary (Morse) Baker (Mrs. Glover; Mrs. Patterson) 1821–1910, U.S. founder of the Christian Science Church.
Also, Eddie. a male given name, form of or .
noun (pl) -dies
a movement in a stream of air, water, or other fluid in which the current doubles back on itself causing a miniature whirlwind or whirlpool
a deviation from or disturbance in the main trend of thought, life, etc, esp one that is relatively unimportant
verb -dies, -dying, -died
to move or cause to move against the main current
Mary Baker. 1821–1910, US religious leader; founder of the Christian Science movement (1866)

mid-15c., Scottish ydy, possibly from Old Norse iða “whirlpool,” from Proto-Germanic *ith- “a second time, again,” which is related to the common Old English prefix ed- “again, backwards; repetition, turning” (forming such words as edðingung “reconciliation,” edgift “restitution,” edniwian “to renew, restore,” edhwierfan “to retrace one’s steps,” edgeong “to become young again”). Cf. Old English edwielle “eddy, vortex, whirlpool.” The prefix is cognate with Latin et, Old High German et-, Gothic iþ “and, but, however.” Related: Eddies.

1810, from eddy (n.). Related: Eddied; eddying.
A current, as of water or air, moving in a direction that is different from that of the main current. Eddies generally involve circular motion; unstable patterns of eddies are often called turbulence. See also vortex.


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