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[mahr-yuh] /ˈmɑr yə/

a female given name, form of .


Read Also:

  • Maryann

    [mair-ee-an] /ˌmɛər iˈæn/ noun 1. a female given name.

  • Mary ann

    noun phrase Marijuana or a marijuana cigarette (1920s+ Narcotics)

  • Marybeth

    [mair-ee-beth, mair-ee-beth] /ˌmɛər iˈbɛθ, ˈmɛər iˌbɛθ/ noun 1. a female given name.

  • Maryborough

    [mair-ee-bur-oh, -buhr-oh, -ber-e, -bruh] /ˈmɛər iˈbɜr oʊ, -ˈbʌr oʊ, -bər ɛ, -brə/ noun 1. a seaport in E Australia.

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