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[mahr-zuh-pan] /ˈmɑr zəˌpæn/

a confection made of almonds reduced to a paste with sugar and often molded into various forms, usually diminutive fruits and vegetables.
a paste made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to coat fruit cakes or moulded into sweets Also called (esp formerly) marchpane
(informal) of or relating to the stratum of middle managers in a financial institution or other business: marzipan layer job losses

1901 (in modern use; earlier march payne, late 15c., from French or Dutch), from German Marzipan, from Italian marzapane “candy box,” from Medieval Latin matapanus “small box,” earlier, “coin bearing image of seated Christ” (altered in Italian by folk etymology as though from Latin Marci panis “bread of Mark”), of uncertain origin. One suggestion is that this is from Arabic mawthaban “king who sits still.” Nobody seems to quite accept this, but nobody has a better idea. The Medieval Latin word also is the source of Spanish marzapan, French massepain.


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