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“to make masculine,” 1620s, from Latin masculatus, from masculus (see masculine). Related: Masculated; masculating. Also in same sense is masculinize (1912).


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  • Masculine

    [mas-kyuh-lin] /ˈmæs kyə lɪn/ adjective 1. pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men: masculine attire. 2. having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness. 3. Grammar. noting or pertaining to the gender of Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, etc., which has among its members most nouns referring to males, as […]

  • Masculine-caesura

    noun, Prosody. 1. a caesura occurring immediately after a stressed or a long syllable.

  • Masculine-ending

    noun 1. a final inflection or suffix designating that a word belongs to the masculine gender. 2. a stressed syllable that ends a line of verse. noun 1. (prosody) a stressed syllable at the end of a line of verse Compare feminine ending

  • Masculine pelvis

    masculine pelvis n.

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