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noun (pl) -nonges, -nonge, -longes, -longe
variants of muskellunge


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    [maskt, mahskt] /mæskt, mɑskt/ adjective 1. using or wearing a or : a masked burglar; masked actors. 2. disguised; concealed; hidden: masked treachery; masked forces. 3. Botany. 2 (def 1). 4. Zoology. having markings that resemble a . [mask, mahsk] /mæsk, mɑsk/ noun 1. a covering for all or part of the face, worn to […]

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    noun 1. a ball at which masks are worn. noun 1. a ball at which masks are worn

  • Masked gout

    masked gout n. See latent gout.

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    masked virus n. A virus ordinarily occurring in the host in a noninfective state but which may be activated by special procedures.

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