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the practice of making luxury products available to the mass market


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  • Massify

    verb to form into a mass; to popularize for the masses

  • Massillon

    [mas-uh-lon] /ˈmæs əˌlɒn/ noun 1. a city in NE Ohio.

  • Mass in

    verb 1. (adverb) to fill or block in (the areas of unified colour, shade, etc) in a painting or drawing

  • Massine

    [mah-seen] /mɑˈsin/ noun 1. Léonide [ley-aw-need] /leɪ ɔˈnid/ (Show IPA), 1896–1979, U.S. ballet dancer and choreographer, born in Russia. /mɑːˈsiːn/ noun 1. Léonide (leɔnid). 1896–1979, US ballet dancer and choreographer, born in Russia

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