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[ma-steezh, ‐steej] /mæˈstiʒ, ‐ˈstidʒ/

noting or pertaining to goods that are perceived to have prestige or high style but are affordable for a wide range of customers:
This five-dollar bottle of hand cream is aimed at the masstige market.
the perception of exclusivity and stylishness in goods that are affordable:
Many teenagers are drawn to masstige.
the impression of exclusivity in goods that are affordable for many people
(of goods) produced by a luxury brand but intended for the mass market


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    [mas-ee] /ˈmæs i/ adjective, massier, massiest. 1. . /ˈmæsɪ/ adjective massier, massiest 1. a literary word for massive adj. late 14c., from mass (n.1) + -y (2).

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