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Master of the horse

(in England) the third official of the royal household


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  • Master-of-the-revels

    noun 1. an English court official from the late 15th to early 18th centuries responsible to the Lord Chamberlain for overseeing and paying for court entertainments.

  • Master of the rolls

    noun 1. (in England) a judge of the court of appeal: the senior civil judge in the country and the Keeper of the Records at the Public Record Office

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    [mas-ter-plan, mah-ster-] /ˈmæs tərˌplæn, ˈmɑ stər-/ verb (used with object), master-planned, master-planning. 1. to construct a master plan for: to master-plan one’s career. 2. to develop or improve (land, a community, a building complex, or the like) through a long-range plan that balances and harmonizes all elements: The engineers master-planned the island to provide for […]

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