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William Barclay (“Bat”) 1853–1921, U.S. frontier law officer.
Historical Examples

Doctor Masterson ceased talking as he went on with his investigation.
A Chain of Evidence Carolyn Wells

He had seen Masterson at the door and with him the other rider!
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan

“Mrs. Masterson would give her husband another chance,” she finished.
A Man’s Hearth Eleanor M. Ingram

The man had been staring at Masterson as though astounded 297 at the accusations.
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan

Again Mr. Masterson stretched southward, and again the moon and stars came out to light the way.
The Sunset Trail Alfred Henry Lewis

But Masterson, strong in his assurance of right, held up his hand.
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan

But changing his course he headed toward the Masterson farm.
Fred Fenton on the Track Allen Chapman

Captain Masterson, this is the most outrageous thing I ever knew an officer to be guilty of!
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan

Mr. Masterson could explain, for he had heard them many times.
The Sunset Trail Alfred Henry Lewis

Masterson hesitated, and then said: “I do not think a private interview could be allowed, but––”
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan


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