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[ma-stahy-tis] /mæˈstaɪ tɪs/

Pathology. inflammation of the breast.
Veterinary Pathology. inflammation of the udder, especially of cows; garget.
inflammation of a breast or an udder

1842, medical Latin, from Greek mastos (see masto-) + -itis.

mastitis mas·ti·tis (mā-stī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the breast. Also called mammitis, mastadenitis.


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    1. a combining form meaning “breast,” used in the formation of compound words: mastopathy. combining form 1. indicating the breast, mammary glands, or something resembling a breast or nipple: mastodon, mastoid before vowels mast-, word-forming element meaning “breast,” from comb. form of Greek mastos “woman’s breast,” from madan “to be wet, to flow,” from PIE […]

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