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[mach-bawr-ding, -bohr-] /ˈmætʃˌbɔr dɪŋ, -ˌboʊr-/

a construction of .
a quantity of .


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  • Matchbook

    [mach-boo k] /ˈmætʃˌbʊk/ noun 1. a small cardboard folder into which several rows of paper are stapled or glued. n. also match-book, in reference to a folder holding fire-starting devices, 1913, from match (n.1) + book (n.).

  • Matchcoat

    n. fur-skinned mantle worn by Native Americans, 1640s, originally matchco, probably a native word (cf. Ojibwa majigoode “petticoat, woman’s dress”), altered by influence of coat (n.).

  • Matchbox

    [mach-boks] /ˈmætʃˌbɒks/ noun 1. a small , usually of cardboard, for . /ˈmætʃˌbɒks/ noun 1. a small box for holding matches n. also match-box, 1786, from match (n.1) + box (n.).

  • Matched

    [mach] /mætʃ/ noun 1. a person or thing that equals or resembles another in some respect. 2. a person or thing able to cope with another as an equal: to meet one’s match. 3. a person or thing that is an exact counterpart of another. 4. a corresponding, suitably associated, or harmonious pair: The blue […]

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