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Maternity ward

maternity ward n.
The department of a hospital that provides care for women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as for newborn infants.


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  • Maternity-leave

    noun 1. a leave of absence for an expectant or new mother for the birth and care of the baby. noun 1. a period of paid absence from work, in Britain currently six months, to which a woman is legally entitled during the months immediately before and after childbirth

  • Maternize

    verb to act as a mother, to have motherly qualities Word Origin maternal + -ize

  • Maters

    [mey-ter] /ˈmeɪ tər/ noun, plural maters, matres [mey-treez] /ˈmeɪ triz/ (Show IPA) 1. British Informal. 1 . 2. the backing holding the movable parts of an astrolabe. /ˈmeɪtə/ noun 1. (Brit, public school slang, often facetious) a word for mother1

  • Mater-turrita

    [too-ree-tuh] /tʊˈri tə/ noun, Roman Religion. 1. .

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