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[mah-too graw-soo; English mat-uh groh-soh] /ˈmɑ tʊ ˈgrɔ sʊ; English ˈmæt ə ˈgroʊ soʊ/

a plateau in SW Brazil.
a state in SW Brazil. 475,378 sq. mi. (1,231,230 sq. km).
Capital: Cuiabá.
/ˈmætəʊ ˈɡrɒsəʊ; Portuguese ˈmatu ˈɡrosu/
a high plateau of SW Brazil: forms the watershed separating the Amazon and Plata river systems
a state of W central Brazil: mostly on the Mato Grosso Plateau, with the Amazon basin to the north; valuable mineral resources. Capital: Cuiabá. Pop: 2 604 742 (2002). Area: 881 001 sq km (340 083 sq miles)


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