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[ma-tri-sahyd, mey-] /ˈmæ trɪˌsaɪd, ˈmeɪ-/

the act of killing one’s mother.
a person who kills his or her mother.
/ˈmætrɪˌsaɪd; ˈmeɪ-/
the act of killing one’s own mother
a person who kills his mother

1590s, “action of killing one’s mother,” from French matricide, from Latin matricida “mother-killer,” and matricidium “mother-killing,” from comb. form of mater “mother” (see mother (n.1)) + -cida “killer,” and -cidium “a killing,” from caedere “to slay” (see -cide). Meaning “one who kills his mother” is 1630s. Related: Matricidal (adj.). Old English had moðorslaga “matricide, mother-slayer.”

matricide mat·ri·cide (māt’rĭ-sīd’)
The act of killing one’s mother.
mat’ri·cid’al (-sīd’l) adj.


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