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[mey-truh-nahyz] /ˈmeɪ trəˌnaɪz/

verb (used with object), matronized, matronizing.
to cause to become matronly; cause to act as, or fulfill the role of, .
to serve as a to; chaperon.
verb (used without object), matronized, matronizing.
to become a .


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  • Matronly

    [mey-truh n-lee] /ˈmeɪ trən li/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a ; maturely dignified; stately. 2. characteristic of or suitable for a . /ˈmeɪtrənlɪ/ adjective 1. of, characteristic of, or suitable for a matron; staid and dignified in a manner associated with a middle-aged, usually plump, woman 1580s (adv.), 1650s […]

  • Matron-of-honor

    noun 1. a married woman acting as the principal attendant of the bride at a wedding.

  • Matronymic

    [ma-truh-nim-ik] /ˌmæ trəˈnɪm ɪk/ adjective 1. . /ˌmætrəˈnɪmɪk/ adjective, noun 1. a less common word for metronymic n. 1794, a hybrid from Latin mater (see mother (n.1)) + Greek-based ending from patronymic. As an adjective from 1874.

  • Matryoshka

    /ˌmætrɪˈɒʃkə/ noun 1. another word for Russian doll

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