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[mat-uh k] /ˈmæt ək/

an instrument for loosening the soil in digging, shaped like a pickax, but having one end broad instead of pointed.
a type of large pick that has one end of its blade shaped like an adze, used for loosening soil, cutting roots, etc

Old English mættoc, probably from Vulgar Latin *matteuca “club,” related to Latin mateola, a kind of mallet (see mace (n.1)), but this is not certain, and synonymous Russian motyka, Lithuanian matikkas suggest other possibilities. OED says similar words in Welsh and Gaelic are from English.

(1.) Heb. ma’eder, an instrument for dressing or pruning a vineyard (Isa. 7:25); a weeding-hoe. (2.) Heb. mahareshah (1 Sam. 13:1), perhaps the ploughshare or coulter. (3.) Heb. herebh, marg. of text (2 Chr. 34:6). Authorized Version, “with their mattocks,” marg. “mauls.” The Revised Version renders “in their ruins,” marg. “with their axes.” The Hebrew text is probably corrupt.


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