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Mattress money


any saved money that is concealed, as under a mattress; cash hidden from the tax collector


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  • Mattress suture

    mattress suture mat·tress suture (māt’rĭs) n. A suture made with a double stitch that forms a loop about the tissue on both sides of a wound and produces eversion of the edges.

  • Matty

    [mat-ee] /ˈmæt i/ noun 1. a male or female given name.

  • Matulane

    Matulane Mat·u·lane (māch’ə-lān’, māt’yə-) A trademark for procarbazine hydrochloride.

  • Matura-diamond

    [mah-ter-uh, mat-er-uh] /ˈmɑ tər ə, ˈmæt ər ə/ noun, Jewelry. 1. a zircon heat-treated to render it colorless: not a true diamond.

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